Some animations were created in an animation course in the Media Lab at Newton South High School, Massachusetts, USA, 2008. The teachers:

Dana Evans

is an artist educator who feels strongly about the power of art. As a pre-service art educator under Carol Ober at Newton South High School Media Lab, and R. Barry Shauck from Boston University, Dana wanted international exposure for her students. Dana comments: "I highly recommend the flag project. Students experienced 'runaway learning' (Thornton, 2002) about engaging an audience, Adobe Flash® animation and the dynamics of international relations. A quantum interdisciplinary project that is worthy of museums worldwide."

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Cited work: Thornton, C. (2002). Creativity and runaway learning. In T. Dartnall (Ed.), Creativity, Cognition and Knowledge. London: Praeger.


Carol Ober

Carol Ober, teacher at Newton South High School Media Lab


Barry Shauck

R. Barry Shauck, supervising professor at Boston University