Installation with several projections (each looping):

many projections. loops

projections. loops
HALLE ZEHN, CAP Cologne, Köln, Germany,  exhibition in April 2010 (including 10 projections).     photos see more photos


Single screen projection with selection menu

single screen projection with selection menu
Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, April 2008


Visualisation of installation with monitors

monitors installation



Technical Requirements for Screening

The Flash application requires Flash Player 9 (or later) and a computer with double processor / dual core.
Alternative: The animations are converted to video (MPEG2, DVD, MP4, or other digital video formats).

This project can be presented in various ways:

Installation with one large projection or flatscreen

A Flash application with all .swf files on a hard drive. Open "flagmetamorphoses.swf" in Flash Player or in web browser. The Flash application will automatically open in full screen / projection mode and show the selection menu.
Devices: Computer with mouse, video projector, stereo loudspeakers. Please use devices and cable connections which provide RGB signal.
Aspect ratio and resolution of the projector: 4:3, at least 1024 x 768 px.

Large projection in a room with no other sounds around (or: use headphones instead of loudspeakers).
A socket or small table providing a computer mouse (no keyboard) and a short instruction paper.
The computer can be installed in the socket or beneath the ceiling, together with the projector.
The audience can choose the animations from a selection menu. After one animation has played, the menu returns.

Installation with 6 or more projections, or with 6 or more monitors on sockets

In an exhibition environment, various installation versions are possible: 6 or more sockets with monitors, or 6 or more projections (each one fed by a computer, or a media player, or a DVD player), pointing to different directions.
Each screen shows a few of the animations, looping. The sounds are played low in order not to disturb each other. The spectators will see several animations at the same time. Remaining in front of each screen for some minutes (until the loop re-starts), they can watch all animations.

Installation: images and text as PDF